Attention: Do You Want To Become An Entrepreneur?

Do You Want To Become Truly Rich SOONER—Not 20 Years From Now?

I want to help you become a multimillionaire.


In my more than half-a-century of living on planet earth, I’ve been poor and I’ve been rich. And let me tell you, rich is better. Haha! (One condition: If your heart is in the right place.)

I was a poor missionary for many years. But when I got married and got into business (and succeeded after many painful failures)—I became a millionaire missionary.

It’s been amazing, believe me. Oh, the sheer freedom!

Do You Want Freedom From Money Problems?

The freedom of not having to worry about next month’s bills.

The freedom of not worrying how to help aging parents.

The freedom of not worrying about debts (because you don’t have paid).

The freedom of not worrying where to get money for your kids’ college. (Honestly, I don’t think my kids will go to college, as my eldest is already an entrepreneur and earning well—and he totally skipped college and—would you believe—took up post-graduate “masteral level” Theology courses. Gosh, I didn’t even know you could do that. Believe me, education is going to transform into what I’m about to tell you...)

Do You Want Freedom To Fund God’s Work?

I love the freedom to help others.

Once upon a time, I used to get a small monthly allowance from my Catholic community. But when my businesses started to earn money, I told our treasurer to stop paying me. For many years now, I love the fact that our ministries don’t support me, I support them, digging deep into my own pocket to finance our ever-expanding work: Orphans. Scholarships. Prisoners. Abandoned elderly. Media evangelism. I support many of our missionaries. I cannot describe to you the overflowing joy I feel.

Freedom To Love My Family And Friends

I also love the freedom of just loving my family.

I love dating my wife in nice restaurants. I love bringing out my kids for family vacations. Because we homeschool them, we can leave town anytime we want to.

Many times, we bring everyone in these trips—my sisters, their spouses, nephews, nieces, parents-in-laws...

Look. I’m not here to brag. That’s the last thing I want to do. I mentioned these things to you to tell you that being rich has many benefits if your heart is in the right place.

So how will you become rich?

Three Ways To Become Rich

My friend said the three ways to become rich are as follow: (1) Be a famous singer like Taylor Swift; (2) Be a great athlete like Manny Pacquiao; Or (3) marry a rich person like Taylor Swift or Manny Pacquiao.

Kidding aside, there are three ways that people use to become wealthy, and I’ll explain it to you with a parable...

How Will You Get The Pot Of Gold
On The Mountain Top?

Imagine three friends who heard of a gigantic pot of gold sitting on top of a mountain.

The only way to reach it was by foot.

The first guy chose to WALK up the mountain.

The second guy, a little bit more fit than the first guy, chose to RUN up the mountain.

And the third guy chose to RACE up the mountain like he was in a 100-meter dash. He really believed it was a race—that the first guy to reach the top wins. (Let me insert a very important lesson here: People who believe in abundance believe there’s wealth for everyone. We’re not competing. There is NO race because the prize is infinite.)

What happened to the guy? He collapsed after running like a maniac for 30 minutes. He suffered a heart attack and he had to be carried down the mountain in a stretcher.

In the same way, people use these three ways of become rich:

  1. They WALK to their Millions (Around 20 Years)
  2. They RUN to their Millions (Around 6 Years)
  3. They RACE to their Millions (Around 1 Year)

I repeat: I will NOT recommend the third option because, well frankly, it can kill you. Go ahead. Look around the internet and you’ll find THOUSANDS of “Quick-Rich Schemes”, inviting you to give them money so that they can teach you to become a multimillionaire in a few weeks or months. Whenever I read those Ads, I cringe at the number of people who are being fooled by them. (Because we like instant wealth, scams multiply like germs.)

A lot of people are so in a hurry at getting rich, they become blind to other more important things: Their family, their health, their values, and their relationship with God.

Friend, life is a marathon, not a 100-meter dash. Yes, I know marathons are still considered a race, but in one sense, it’s not. A marathon finisher is still a big WINNER, not just the first guy who crossed the finish line.

Today, let me explain the first two ways of becoming wealthy: Walking To Your Millions (Around 20 Years) and Running To Your Millions (Around 6 Years)

1. Walking To Your Millions (Around 20 Years)

The first way—Walking to your Millions—is something that I’ve already taught you. Most likely, you’re already doing: Investing in the Stock Market each month using SAM (Strategic Averaging Method).

“Walking to your Millions” is brilliant. I’m happy to announce that THOUSANDS of TrulyRichClub Gold Members are already investing each month in the Stock Market, and they WILL BECOME multimillionaires in 20 years or more, but with some much earlier than that. Managers, maids, market vendors, morticians, masseuses, and messengers... As long as your job title starts with “M”, you’ll become a multimillionaire.

Just kidding. (By now, I hope you’re used to my goofiness.) Whatever job you have, whatever letter it starts, you’ll become a multimillionaire, if you follow our simple investing formula.

But today, I’d like to talk about running to your wealth.

2. Running To Your Millions (Around 6 Years)

When I explain the two ways of becoming rich (Walking and Running), people ask me, “Bo, what should I use?”

I tell them, “Use both.”

Here’s the simple formula:

WALKING to your Millions is about being an Investor.

RUNNING to your Millions is about being an Entrepreneur.

I can hear you now. “But Bo, I failed in business!”

Hey, welcome to the club!

In the past years, I’ve failed in 18 businesses. I fell flat on my face and ate dirt. I crawled on mud. I cried buckets. I lost millions. I lost face. And I thought I lost my desire to be an Entrepreneur.

Why did I fail?

BIGGEST ANSWER: Because no one taught me!

No one was there to MENTOR me in business. I just did everything on my own. No one taught me how to select the right product, or the right strategy, or the right numbers. No one taught me how to select the right Entrepreneurial Pathway. No one taught me how to stick to my Core Zone.

I DON’T want you to experience my pain. It was horrible.

But one blessed day, I met my BUSINESS MENTORS. And it was like flicking a switch. And the room turned bright. And like night turning to day, my “luck” in business changed. My Business Mentors taught me very simple things that transformed my businesses. Through their guidance, I dumped wrong businesses. I started new ones. I applied “magnetic” marketing strategies that attracted the right customers. (Because of these strategies, I never lack customers; I don’t chase after customers; customers chase after me!)

Today, my businesses are successful. I sometimes pinch myself: Is this really happening to me? Wasn’t it just a few years back when I wanted to give up and just stick to preaching?

Today, I want to teach you how to achieve the same success.

Don’t Repeat My Stupidity

I want to teach you how to “run” to your wealth (Not Race!), so that you become rich SOONER, not later.

They say that a wise person is someone who learns from his mistakes. But guess what. There’s someone wiser than that. I say that the WISEST person is someone who learns from other people’s mistakes!

I want you to learn from my mistakes.

You don’t have to repeat my stupidity. I’ll teach you how to avoid my failures. I can share with you my Mentors’ phenomenal wisdom.

Here’s how...

Become A Diamond Member Of The TrulyRichClub

Join a very special group within the TrulyRichClub called Diamond. In this level, Dean Pax Lapid and I will be your virtual teachers. We will teach you how to be great Entrepreneurs.

Let me introduce Dean Pax to you. He’s a dear friend and the Dean of Entrepreneurship of the TrulyRichClub. He also is a Professor of Entrepreneurship. But he’s not just a classroom professor that teaches from an old textbook. He has built many successful businesses.

I’m designing this program for people who are not yet as wealthy as they want to be.

Let me say again what the Diamond Membership is: It’s a supportive environment that will help you become wealthy SOONER, not in 20 years.

You’ll Enjoy An Supportive Environment To Become Wealthy

In the Diamond program, you’ll get the following needs answered:

1. Are you confused as to what business to get into?

Solution: Meet a huge number of entrepreneurs on a regular basis. Learn from others. Learn from their mistakes. By listening to the stories of other entrepreneurs, you’ll find a business that fits your passion, personality, gifts, and resources.

2. Do you know what your main gift is?

By talking with other entrepreneurs, and by reflecting on your own journey, you’ll find your “Core Zone”. Because it’s only in your Core Zone where you can succeed. Many people fail in their business because they’re doing something totally outside this Zone. But if you stick to your Core Zone, success will be just around the corner.

3. Is your business without systems?

Most often, business failure happens because there are no Leadership systems, Cashflow systems, and Marketing systems. I’m an artist by heart, and this makes me allergic to SYSTEMS. But I’ve long realized that unless there are systems in place, I cannot be really spontaneous. In Diamond, you’ll learn the systems that other successful entrepreneurs use.

4. Do you know how to live rich?

I want to teach you how to live like a billionaire without being a billionaire. You need to learn how to live comfortably without burning a hole in your pocket. I’ll share with you the simple strategies for enjoying life and NOT paying the full-price for the little luxuries in life.

5. Do you want to earn extra income?

From the many entrepreneurs you’ll be meeting in Diamond, you’ll pick up many ways where you can earn additional income. If you can add P10,000 to P100,000 more into your pocket every month through these ways, how will that impact your life, your investing, your generosity?

A Different Kind Of MBA!

Remember what I said earlier—that the entire educational system of the world is transforming?

Diamond is like an MBA. But very different.

Which brings me to the question, “Goodness, how much will this Diamond Membership cost?” Well, how much does an MBA cost in AIM (Asian Institute of Management)? Hold your chair tight: It’s over P1,000,000++.

Again, I know I’m very biased, but I believe that what you’ll learn in the Diamond Membership has a distinct edge over classroom MBA. (No offense meant to structured courses. They do have advantages.) The unique edge of the Diamond Membership is its simplicity and immediate practicality of what we’ll teach you. You can apply it right away!

And because of technology, we’ve been able to make things easier and more accessible for you.

Each month, you’ll sit around the TrulyRichClub’s online DIAMOND TABLE. After getting powerful wisdom from Dean Pax Lapid and other Entrepreneur-Teachers, you’ll join a small group of entrepreneurs, coached by an Entrepreneur-Mentor.

Aside from our “live” online Diamond Table, Dean Pax and I will teach you through EntrepNook monthly Newsletter. Every issue is like a seminar-in-a-newsletter, overflowing with ideas and inspiration for your business.

The Diamond Membership is P3,975 per month.

But today, we’re offering this at a special discounted price of only P2,998 a month, giving you more Savings. Reason for the discount? We want to make more people try our new program. Once we have enough members, we’ll bring it up to its normal price—but you’ll be locked-in to this low price for as long as you’re a member.

NOTE: If you’re a Gold Member, you also STOP paying for your GOLD Membership, so it’s really a no brainer. (By the way, you’ll receive credit for all unused months of your Gold Membership. Cool, right?)

And to tell you how much we believe in the DIAMOND program, I want to give you my personal guarantee...

“Try It Out For A Month” Guarantee

If you’re still in the “fence” about joining or not, I suggest you try it out for a month.

And if after one month, for any reason whatsoever, you’re not happy with it, you don’t find it profitable for you (which I immensely doubt) after applying what you learned, then just tell us—and we’ll return to you your first month membership fee, no questions asked. No hard feelings! We’ll say a big “Thank you!” from the heart for trying out our program.

That’s not all.

Huge Bonus: Large “Video Vault On Entrepreneurship” by Dean Pax Lapid and Our Many Business Mentors (It’s Like “Netflix On Business”)

For the past number of years, Dean Pax Lapid and our other Business Mentors have had many entrepreneurship sessions to Platinum Members—the highest level of membership in TRC.

You’ll be blown away by the truckload of rich material you’ll learn from these talks and seminars on entrepreneurship.

To summarize...

Here’s A List Of Blessings Of The Diamond Membership:

The list is long, but it doesn’t even cover ALL that you’ll receive from the membership—because we’ll have some “surprises” for you along the way.

o Each month, you’ll join a “live” online DIAMOND TABLE, where you gather with other entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs and receive life-changing wisdom from Dean Pax Lapid and our other Business Mentors.

o Part of the DIAMOND TABLE will be in small groups, where you can ask questions and learn from your own Entrep Coach and the other entrepreneurs in your group. This is huge!

o You’ll receive the Diamond EntrepNook Newsletter that will be so chockfull of highly implementable, totally practical material for your new businesses, it will be like a Seminar-in-a-Newsletter format. When it arrives, go to your room, lock the door, and read it from cover to cover. Take down copious notes on how it applies to your business, and write an action plan on your calendar!

o You’ll also have a key to our “Video Vault on Entrepreneurship”. A huge chunk of them are real examples of real people doing various businesses; Your eyes will be opened to various opportunities around you that you may not be seeing right now. This one thing is worth your entire membership fee.

o You also receive ALL the Benefits of the Gold Membership. Just in case you’re not yet a Gold Member, here are the list of GOLD blessings:

1. Investments: How you can retire a millionaire by investing in the stock market. Twice a month, you receive my email called “Stocks Update”—telling you what stocks I buy and sell.

2. Insurance: If you get the annual membership, you receive P100k FREE Life Insurance and P100k FREE Accident Insurance.

3. Inspiration: This may be the most important blessing. Without the proper mindset, you won’t last. You need this! As a TRC Member, you receive GodWhispers emails, PowerTalks Videos, and many more.

4. Income: You can earn extra income by receiving “affiliate commissions” every time you invite people to attend our many seminars and join TRC.

Friend, are you ready to run towards your Wealth?

If you are, click the link below

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I’ll see you in our next Diamond Table...

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

PS. I’m excited for you! Because I know this isn’t just for you. When you learn how to grow your money through entrepreneurship, you’ll be able to teach your family and friends how to do it too. This is a quiet revolution that we will start together, but if we don’t stop, we will change the country.

Yes Bo, teach me to run towards my Millions!
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